3 Using this guide

This guide is easy to use and you can work through it in two ways:

  1. Do it yourself

    You can go through the whole guide – or just the sections that are helpful for you – on your own. Along the way, you’ll find exercises that test your knowledge and help you put what you’ve learned into practice. If you’re holding this guide in your hands, you’ll find some empty space at the back. You can use that to write down your responses to the exercise questions.

    If you decide to work through the guide on your own, it’s still a good idea to check in with the site operator for help or to discuss the interesting things you find.

  2. Learn together

    Some people learn better when they have a chance to talk about what they’re learning with others. If you’re like that, you can work through this guide with other I-CAN PLAY gamers. On weekends, the site operator will make time to take groups of gamers through all the sections of the guide.

    You can sign up for these training sessions at the I-CAN PLAY Gaming Centre.

Important ideas and exercises

In this guide, we want to make sure that you’re comfortable with some important ideas related to games and gaming. We’ll let you know what these important ideas are by highlighting them like this.

So when you see a bold, purple word, you know it’s something worth remembering.

The guide also gives you exercises that are meant to help you remember some of the important ideas and test your knowledge. Exercises will be highlighted, like this:


Here’s an example of an exercise. When you see one of these, flip to the back of the guide or open up the Level-Up Guide Exercises file saved on the desktop to write down or type up your answers.

Layout of the guide

The rest of this guide will help you get started on gaming at the I-CAN PLAY Gaming Centre. Here’s what you can expect: